anastasia bandeyANASTASIA BANDEY was born in Toronto and spent her childhood alternatively in Britain and Canada. She went on scholarship to Carleton University in Ottawa studying journalism, and spent the next nine years in New York, training and working as an actor, and opening a teaching studio of her own.

Anastasia’s studies initially took her to The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts and then The Rutger’s University studio program in New York–The William Esper Studio. Concurrently Anastasia spent two years of intensive training at the infamous Lloyd Williamson Movement Academy. She was also fortunate to have the opportunity to study Mask/Mask Technique with the acclaimed Pierre Lafevre, and Shakespeare with Daniela Veron of the renowned Boston Shakespeare Company. Anastasia studied voice with Broadway actor/teacher Carolyn Marcell, and apprenticed at Manhattan Edge Studios. In Vancouver, Anastasia studied with Jeff Seymour and Marc Baur and workshopped with Michelle Allen, Stuart Aikins and Larry Moss.

Anastasia’s teaching began in University where she taught Business English to new Canadian MBA’s. In New York, she helped design and teach a theatre program for inner city highschool kids, and started her first co-operative studio, also under the name Actorworks. Upon arriving in Vancouver, Anastasia began teaching at the actors union–UBCP–and opened a similar but expanded version of her original studio in New York–ACTORWORKS.

Anastasia’s drive behind creating and running actorworks is the passionate belief that actors need a safe and professional environment to work in, to grow and to succeed. Ultimately Anastasia’s dedication and passion is passed on to her students by their very successes. ACTORWORKS provides Vancouver actors with what they need to get the agent, book the job and feel great doing it by providing an array of professional services, in one place at a reasonable price and most importantly from a VERY personal place.

“I want you to succeed as much as you do, because I know what it’s like. I’ve been very fortunate in my life and career to have been mentored and guided by some fabulous, caring and passionate people and the best way–the ONLY–way to show my gratitude, is to carry this wonderful gift forward.”

As an actor Anastasia has worked with Sharon Stone on Cat Woman, Angelina Jolie on Life or Something like it, and on such television shows as Stargate, DaVinci’s, Millenium, and Cold Squad to name a few.

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