AUDITION TAPING including DVD/VHS/Web link: $45/hr

This service is for all actors needing to put themselves on tape for out-of-town auditions either by DVD/VHS/Emailable web link.

  1. One Hour Audition Taping Session – Edited, professional coaching and reading included- $45
  2. One web link of audition including one photo and resume, hosted for 7 days – FREE * $20/each additional half hour of taping* Please be patient while the movie loads.(14.5mb)


*Demo reel pricing varies according to material. Please call for more information and quote.* Please be patient while the movie loads.(15mb)


*Designed for actors needing to put one or more scenes “On-tape” for agents, casting directors and others.
*Please note this includes one DVD or VHS package.* Please be patient while the movie loads.(12.7mb)

*Private classing targets groups of actors (two or more) who have come together and are looking for an ongoing class designed for their specific needs.
*Agents, directors, actors who would like a larger, specifically designed class, please call or email to make content and pricing arrangements.

  • 2 actors: $50/hr total
  • 3 actors: $75/hr total
  • 4 actors: $100/hr total

 THE ACTOR PACKAGE/Getting an agent: $85/hr
*A comprehensive package designed for actors who are looking for an agent. Agents often want to see your work on tape/DVD before they take you on, and this is how you do it. Over the course of several meetings we will discuss and determine your target and pick scenes accordingly. We will go over resume and cover letter, and the process of submitting to agents.You will be coached on your scenes and provided with a complete DVD package. You will leave confident with knowledge about the ins-&-outs of the local industry, agents, casting directors, expectations, and goal-setting that will set you on the path to making and owning your career.

*Please call for specifics.

 ADDITIONAL SERVICES This service is for all actors needing to put scenes on tape for agents, casting directors etc . A Start-Up Consultation includes help with scene selection and information about agencies, casting directors, resume, cover letter and head shots.

  • Actorworks hosted video link web page(unlimited file size under 10 minutes)
  • Actorworks hosted Audio link web page(unlimited file size under 10 minutes)
  • Digital conversion and upload from CD, DVD, VHS, Mini-DV
  • Basic head shot touch-ups
  • Consultation on career strategies- resume, cover letter and head shots.
  • Customized care- if you don’t see, ask and we’ll work together to get it done.
  • Artist Portfolio – $445
  • Custom Web Design, 5 Pages Up To 10 Images on a Photo/Tear Sheet Page – $500
  • Promo materials (business cards, brochure, logo design) – $45/hr