“I recently booked a lead role on a pilot for a Showcase show called The Foundation. This would not have been possible without Anastasia! She is an excellent coach and is passionate about her work. Always working with a great sense of detail, she has a good eye and never fails to make my acting better. If you want an acting coach, or need to put an audition on tape — look no further. I can assure you, without Anastasia’s help, I would not have booked this job. Thanks Anastasia, you’re the best! Love Martin.”

– Martin Sims/ Actor, Night At The Museum, Dead Like Me, 7 Days

 Martin Sims

“Anastasia really knows the business and provides excellent coaching for the beginner and the professional!!”

– Gary Hetherington/ Actor, educator and producer. Family In Hiding, Masters of Horror:Cigarette Burns, The Last Trimester, and Supernatural:Route 666

 Gary Hetherington

“Anastasia has great instincts as an acting coach. She finds the essence of the scene and is able to intelligently and articulately communicate that with the actor. Anastasia then adds layers to your character, so that it becomes interesting to watch. I have booked many roles with Anastasia’s help including Dreamcatcher directed by Lawrence Kasdan.”

– Michael Daingerfield/ Actor, Writer, creator of The Daingerfield Show, The Messengers, Supernatural, Catwoman, et al.

 Michael Daingerfield

“One of our top performers, Anastasia Bandey is committed and talented. She will never let you down in any capacity no matter what hat she is wearing. She makes us all look good.”

– Brenda Wong/ Owner and Agent, TalentCo, et al.

 Brenda Wong

“Thanks for helping me book another audition, see you next week.”

– Charisse Baker/ Actor, Home For The Holidays, Dragon Guys, Selling Innocence, et al.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anastasia over the last 2 years. I have taken many classes in my life all over the world and I have to say that Actorworks in the ONLY place for actors in Vancouver!! I have always been knocked over by her innate talent for honing right in on my bull and cutting down to what is really going on within a role. She has a remarkable talent as both and actor and a teacher and she knows how to translate that into a class that is challenging and awesome! Whenever I am in town I make it a point to attend her classes. Her gift for understanding a script and bringing it to life comes as naturally to her as breathing! I would recommend her classes to any serious actor who wants to improve. And my newest demo reel that she put together is the best I have ever had…bring on the jobs!! If you are serious about making it in the biz…you need look nowhere further than Actorworks.”

– Carrie Ritchie/ Actor, Sydney, Australia, Devil Winds, Stargate SG-1, Pasadena et al.


“I was expecting good things, but this is GREAT! Anastasia has breathed life into my demo reel. I am so excited to show it to everyone!”

– June B. Wilde/ Actor, So Weird, X-Files, Paper Moon Affair, et al.


“In acting as in sports your coach is you major advantage. I chose Anastasia because of her attitude; “I love what I do and I’ll take care of you”. This takes her actors to levels of achievement, never imagined. If I come in on a day when I’m stressed or some other negativity is present, she makes me remember to have fun – her method of getting me back to playland is really startling. I believe in going that extra mile with my career, so i go with Anastasia Bandey.”

– Joyce Krenz/ Blizzard Award, Best Actress, Blue State, DaVinic’s Inquest, The Twilight Zone, et al.


“I directed Anastasia Bandey in a 10 minute short film {Seven Sins} Vanity as part of a series of short films based on the Seven Deadly Sins. As a director, I always cast actors who take ownership of their roles, who do their homework and come to set prepared with lots of ideas to help build a memorable performance. Anastasia met all of those requirements. She was a constant joy to work with and whose knowledge of acting had a great influence on me during our collaboration. I was so impressed with Anastasia and her talent, I have asked her if I could sit in on her upcoming acting classes so I could learn more about acting which in turn, will make me a stronger director. The ability for us to learn from one another as colleagues, has created not only a very powerful performance but the desire to grow and accomplish greater heights. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

– Drew Jarvis/ Director

“Anastasia Bandey (ActorWorks) produced for me the most exceptional, artistic, unique and creative demo reel I have seen in years. I was amazed at the reasonable price and professional quality of her work and my agent is thrilled.”

– Beverley Breur/ Actor, Smallville, Scary Movie 3 and 4, Masters of Horror, et al.

“One word discribes Anastasia, “BRILLIANT”!! Her ability to bring stunning performances to both her own work as an actor and her students, as a teacher, speaks volumes of her passion for the art. It’s an honour and a privilage to train with her.”

– Derek Morrison/ Actor, Dark Angel, Cold Squad, 7 Days, et al.


“I was really fortunate to find Anastasia when I was planning my showreel. I was looking for work as a television presenter and even though she works mainly with actors, her suggestions for content and delivery enabled me to find skills I didn’t know I had! Not only did she do an amazing job with camera work and editing, she also brought the absolute best out of me as a performer. Her endless patience allowed me to relax into being myself in front of the camera – I gained great confidence from working with Anastasia. As as result I have just been hired to a new British Satellite Channel Legal TV, where I begin work in may as one of their main presenters on a live consumer show.”

Eileen Fegan/ Belfast, N.Ireland UK


“I have known Anastasia Bandey professionally for over four years now. Her work as an actress is always truthful, focused powerful and nuanced; as a director she is clear, inspiring, detailed and imaginative; and as a teacher she is insightful, specific, generous and supportive. As an actress who has trained and worked in Los Angeles and New York, I have had the opportunity to work with many talented people, and I consider Anastasia to be among a select group of gifted artists, whose work and commitment to the craft is unsurpassed.”

Maria Marlow/ Actor/Writer, Tru Calling, Sisters, Second Sight, et al.


“Anastasia understood my vision and quickly assembled an effective demo that reflects my strengths and current level of achievement. She is personable and polished.”

Judith G. Berlin/ Actor, Masters of Horror, Neon Rider, Stargate…et al.


“Anastasia Bandey takes utmost care to ensure that you get the exact attention and support you need to get the most out of your performance, be it drama, comedy or even just a one liner.  Nothing escapes her notice and she will intuitively advise you with great warmth and humour”

Debbie Eckman/ UK–musician and actor


“I have attended classes at Vancouver Film School, Ivana Chuback Studios and with Linda Darlow for many years. Prior to retiring I worked as a teacher for thirty years and have had the pleasure of studying under many teachers in many acting schools. Thus, I know what it takes to be a good teacher. From the time I started attending AnastasiaÕs classes I have seen a tremendous improvement in my work. Since April of this year I have had six auditions. I am proud to say that I was cast in four of the six roles that I auditioned for. These castings include – one actor, one large principal, one large recurring principal and one guest star role. I attribute this to regularly attending Anastasia’s classes and her private coaching at the time of the audition. ”

Balinder Johal/ Actor, The Collector, Josie & the Pussycats, Pink Ludoos, et al.


“My first session with her she helped me prep a large principal role for Fox Films’ “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Anastasia’s coaching really helped me walk in the door with confidence. And I booked it! She is hands down the best audition coach that I’ve ever worked with. Thanks Anastasia!”

Michael Bean/ Actor


“I’ve had the opportunity to watch Anastasia’s work on-set. I wish I had someone with such dedication and skill working for me. She is driven to help the actor in every way possible and does so.”

Kevin G. Park/ Set Decorator, X-Files, Scary Movies 2/3/4, Smallville et al.

 “I’m convinced that getting coached by you is a smart move for actors. You just know everything from every possible angle. I’m not just saying that. It was a dream audition, not in that they fell off their chairs by my ability, but they truly seemed impressed by the work I had put into the two liner, knowing my mark, knowing whether or not to ask ‘to camera or to reader’, y’know the little things. I’m so glad I saw you before going. Oh, I’m going to add you to my resume. Hope you don’t mind.

Rodrigues A. Williams/ Actor, John Doe, et al.

“I’ve worked with and known Anastasia for over ten years. Always the consummate professional: Always going that extra mile. Trust me, she’s a great person to have on your side.”

Laura Martin/ N.Y. Artist/Entrepreneur